The Traditions of Men

She Saw His Reflection and Thought He Was Inside

Subterranean Projection

Mirror Ladder (1:17/super8)

A Noisy Delivery (film trailer contest entry)

Law and Order Study (4:09/super8)

Genetic Reclamation Area (5:48/super8)

Infiltration (4:54/super8)

The Circle to Vanish (7:34/super8)

Transubstantiation (8:05/super8)

The Eternal Recurrence (9:10/super8/video)

The Vagrant of Ephemera (8:31/super8)

Ondine's Curse (9:11/video)

Outland (5:07/video)

Okano Ber (6:01/Pixelvision)

Generator Loss 1001

1000 Years Alive (super8/2011)

The Paper Rose (2:03/SD/Super8/2016)

The Second Anhedonia (2014)